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New Year’s Resolutions

This being New Year’s Day and my first venture into the blog world, I thought it only fitting to write about my New Year’s resolutions. I’ve  been making New Year’s resolutions for a while and I’m sure i’m joining many people by continuing on in my annual tradition. New Year’s gives us a chance to change, to have hope for something better, and to look forward to new things. It’s a time to reflect and a time to move on. Although the holiday (and the change of year) triggers these plans, wishes, and hopes, I know that these ideas can start at any time if you  just have  the motivation. Motivation has always been my flaw, but i’m hoping that the old school planning will give me some luck this year to keep me going with all my resolutions.

So with out further adieu My New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Start a blog and keep it going
2. Hit the Gym more and Constant
3. Less Procrastination
4. Land an internship
5. Study Abroad in the Fall
6. Smile and Laugh more
7. Better my fashion knowledge / wardrobe
8. Complete my 52 in 52

Now that you know mine, come share yours 🙂 I wish everyone luck on achieving your new year’s resolutions! If you are in want of some inspiration I suggest you check out the latest movie New Year’s Eve. I found it lovely 🙂



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