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Relaxing with some Records

Hey everyone,

I haven’t done a post on music yet and I wanted to start with sharing someone less known and closer to home, but today I decided to pull out my records to relax and suddenly I was spending some good chuck of time streaming through some classics and some newbies. So I decided to do my first music post on listening to records (something I highly recommend you do from time to time).

With the digital world taking over, its harder to find time to pull out a dusty record (or even a CD or an old mixed tape) and listen to the physical source of the music. For me, listening to records is a calming thing and usually a treat since I never seem to have time to pull out the player. I just love the sound that the music has as the record spins and the needle drags across. That sound can’t be reproduced on an Ipod as much as I love mine. I’ll go through my classics like The Who and Ray Charles and then move into my more recent purchases like All-American Rejects, Bright Eyes, and Mumford & Sons. Each album has its own unique sound when I play the records. They bring me back to certain memories like shifting through my Dad’s old collection in the basement as he reminisces about each one or the first time I bought my own record at a record store 20 minutes from my house. The thing with physical stuff (like records, tapes, and CDs) is that they have memories attached to them–something that I think gets lost in the iTunes store. So I hope that you get a chance to pull out your records or CDs and tapes from time to time and remember. 🙂

If you want to grab some new records there a few places you can still get them besides online.

I’ve gotten all my records at either:

1. a local music store that sells used music
2. a garage sale / flea market
3. Hot Topic
4. Newbury Comics–a comic book based store in Boston, MA (I’ve only traveled there twice)
5. My parents / granparents’ old collections

What’s your favorite go-to music source: CDs, Tapes, or Vinyl? Let me know what you’re thinking 🙂 Happy Listening!



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