A Glance at 2012 Films

Hello Everyone,

So I might be a week late, but I wanted to give you a peek at what I’m looking forward to movie-wise this year. I am a girl, so there will be a few chick flick on this list, but be open-minded 😉 Here’s my top list for Jan. through June.

1. Red Tails (Jan. 20)
This movie looks really good. I’m not the biggest war movie fan, but this one definitely has piqued my interest. Red Tails is the story of African American pilots who have remained grounded and segregated during WWII and how they were finally given a chance to fight for their country in the sky. This looks like a good historical action (aka war) film, but also an inspirational movie as well. Plus, I do love airplanes 🙂

2. Chronicle  (Feb. 3)

Chronicle really intrigued me. It seems to be filmed in a self-made documentary style (Cloverfield-esque) which seems to be a good choice for this type of storyline. I’m interested mainly because the story seems to focus on the darkness and bad of having supernatural powers which is refreshing from the romanticized tv/movie world we are living in (aka Twilight). However this type of movie might also be a flop. It seems like its either going to be very good or just tank. We’ll just have to see 🙂

3. The Vow (Feb. 10)

The movie opening is timed perfectly. There was definitely some corporate strategy for placing this release 4 days before Valentine’s day. There is no mistaking what movie everyone will be seeing come this love-centered holiday. The Vow tells the story of a husband, played by the newly ever-present Channing Tatum, who has to convince his wife to re-fall in love with him. His wife, played by Rachel McAdams, lost her memory in a car accident. This movie will most certainly require the tissue box!

4. The Raven (March 9)

Ok I’m an English major so of course this movie is a must see! This film tells the story of Edgar Allen Poe’s (hence the title) last few days of life. The movie also involves the hunt for a serial killer who is murdering people according to the works of Poe. The movie has a lot of dark themes and I’m excited to see it! The only thing I’m hesitant about is that John Cusack is playing Poe, so I’ll have to see how I feel about that after seeing the movie.

5. The Cabin in the Woods (April 13)

So I’m not the best when it comes to horror films (translation: I’m going to need backup for this one). I generally wait until the movie comes out on DVD so I can watch it from the safety and comfort of my room, but this horror film looks promising and possibly worth the risk of seeing it on the big screen. From the trailer it looks like your average horror film: stupid young people go out into the woods alone and all die. However, there seems to be a more sinister and psychological theme playing out in the story that draws me in. Hopefully, I’ll survive 🙂

6. The Lucky One (April 20)

This is definitely the number one chick flick I’m looking forward to this year. The Lucky One stars Zac Efron (yes, I was surprised at first too!) as a marine who returns from Iraq in search of a woman in a picture that he found while on duty. From the trailer it seems that Efron’s character finds the picture at the same moment he and his troop are attacked which allowed him to survive. Efron’s character believes this woman is lucky and he goes in search of her when he returns to the U.S. This will probably end up also being a tear-jerker considering it’s based off a Nicholas Sparks book. What is a year without a Sparks book to movie film? Anyway can’t wait to see this one with my friends (girls night out!)!

7. Safe (April 27)

Two Words: Jason Statham. Yes I am a Jason Statham fan and an action movie junkie. Although many people consider Statham’s movies to generally follow the same storyline which gives him a lot of negative critiques, I still love watching his movies. Most action films, no matter who is starring in them, generally follow the same type of plots anyway.  Plus, we just love the Booms! So this will be one that i’m catching in theaters for that big screen, loud noise experience!

8. Men in Black III (May 25)

I’m a major Will Smith fan and absolutely love the M.I.B. films so I can’t wait to see this new addition to the series. I’m interested in seeing what the writers do with the character storylines more so than the actual storylines since it took so long to get Tommy Lee Jones back on board. I’m wondering what is going to happen to Special Agent K and if he will return for a fourth or not. I’m excited to see the main plot as well. Going back in time should be interesting 🙂

9. Snow White and the Huntsman (June 1)

I do love a good fairytale now and again and this movie looks like a promising retelling. Now I’m not very fond of Kristen Stewart as an actress, but I’m being open minded about her playing Snow White and hope she does a good job. This movie definitely has a darker quality to it which I like. Plus, Snow White looks bad-ass in this movie. I’m interested to see how this retelling plays out! I definitely think this will gain better reviews then Mirror, Mirror, but I could be mistaken. We will just have to see how it all unfolds.

10. Brave (June 22)

This movie is my Number 1 movie I want to see this coming year! I’ve been itching to see it since I found glimpses of its existence early last year. I’m excited for a new tale to be told as well as the character and setting choice. I’m happy that Pixar is making a new animated movie with a fresh story. I can’t wait to see this and I’m sure it will do wonderful in the box office.

So that’s the first half of my list. What are you looking forward to seeing this year? Anything you’re bypassing?



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  • Annelies
    19 January 2012 at 11:02 am

    Thanks for sharing this! now I know which movies are comming! Can’t wait For a new Jason statham movie! 😛

    • NicoleLynn
      19 January 2012 at 6:39 pm

      No problem and I’m so excited to see Jason Statham! 🙂

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