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I’ve been wanting to share with you all some of the interesting places I’ve been. Recently I went to McCarthy’s Tea Room above the shop, Donegal Square for lunch with my mom and grandmother. I’ve been in the shop multiple times since it is located in Bethlehem–only a few miles from my school. This was, however, my first time in the small traditional restaurant.

The tea room is decorated in an Irish-esque design and after a bit, I definitely felt like I wasn’t in Bethlehem anymore. The tea room is small, but it wasn’t that crowded when I went which made it more relaxing. I heard that they have traditional music being performed live during certain days and times which probably draws in larger crowds.

We ordered our tea first and a scone. The scone was large and delicious. Two of them probably could be a meal in itself! They had a decent tea selection. I’ve been to other tea places that have had more on their menu, but you would be able to find something you liked off of this list.

I ordered Cream Irish Breakfast tea!

The only draw back I found with the Tea Room was that it is not an ideal place to go if you are a picky eater. Their menu is comprised of mainly tradition Irish dishes and that entails foreign food groupings . If you are a cheeseburger or chicken finger kind of person, this probably wouldn’t be a good place for you to check out. If you are a little more adventurous or not as picky then definitely try out the McCarthy Tea Room!

I ordered a cup of the Potato Leek Soup and the Turkey Melt on black bread which was a slice of black bread topped with slices of turkey, some tomato, and melted cheese. The sandwich also came with a side of coleslaw. As you can tell I wasn’t as adventurous with my meal selection. However, the food was absolutely amazing! The soup had to be my favorite (Soup is weirdly my signature pick for food. I order it at almost every place we go out to eat at).


Potato Leek Soup

Turkey Melt on Black Bread with a side of Coleslaw

After seeing what my meal looked like, I hope you won’t be surprised when I say that I couldn’t finish it all. They definitely gave you your money’s worth. I had to take the rest of my sandwich home, but I really did enjoy my meal and the feeling of being full!

The McCarthy Tea room is a great change from the usual family restaurant. If you are in the Bethlehem area (especially if you’re coming up for Musikfest or Celtic fest), you should check it out! The store down below is also an adorable shop to walk around in. Hopefully you take a chance on the place!

Have you been to the McCarthy Tea Room? Are you thinking of going? How do you feel about tradition food style restaurants? Do have any restaurant recommendations?



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