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Childhood Memories and Sad Goodbyes

Hey everyone,

Just yesterday, children’s author and illustrator  Jan Berenstain, co-creator of the Berenstain Bears series, died at age 88.

The Berenstain Bears were a favorite series of mine and I loved reading stories about the bear family. The stories were a major influence on my love of reading as well as my childhood. The Berenstain family lived close to where I reside, so the book series was that much more special to me. I remember being able to visit Berenstain Bear Country in Dorney Park as a child before it turned into Snoopy Camp. I truly loved the series and my thoughts go out to the Berenstain family. I hope children will continue to read the series and be able to fall in love with the stories as I have.



News articles:  Washington Post; ABC News

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