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June Preview!

Hey everyone,

So I’ve been readying myself for a summer full of reading, reviewing, and oh yeah working out too! Anyway along with my 52 in 52 I’ve also been searching for some new releases to read when they come out. I came across this wonderful list of all the new Young Adult novels that are scheduled for release this June. Check out the YA List by Teen Reads Here.

Some that caught my eye were:

by Catherine Knutsson

This novel takes place in a futuristic society 200 years from now. The main character, Cassandra Mercredi faces survival not from the raging plague, but from the government! Check out more about the book  HERE and grab a sneak peek of the book on Catherine’s website HERE! The novel is scheduled for release on June 5th!

by Anne Greenwood Brown

This novel is written from a male point of view which I haven’t read much of before. The novel centers around a male mermaid who is a part of a mermaid family that preys on Humans. Calder White, the main character, goes after a certain human for revenge, but  just might end up falling in love with his target. Check out more on the book HERE and visit Brown’s Website HERE!  The book is scheduled for release on June 12th!

by Nora Price

This novel has a more serious tone then the previous two I listed. It follows Zoe, a girl placed in Twin Birch to be treated for anorexia. Through her time there, Zoe writes letters to her mom, brother, and best friend Elise about everything going on in the clinic. However, Zoe’s best friend Elise doesn’t respond at all and Zoe struggles to understand why. Read more about the book HERE and read an interview with Nora Price about her book HERE! The novel is scheduled for release on June 28th!

Now that I’ve given you a sneak peak into June YA releases, I’ll leave you with what’s on schedule for me this week!

The 3 Books I’ll be reading this week/reviewing:

YA novel

Classic Literature

Adult Fiction


What are you looking forward to reading this June? Leave your list or recommendations in the comments below!

Happy Reading!






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