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Roma is definitely known for its delicious food. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to dine in excellent restaurant near St. Peter’s Basilica. If you’re a foodie  and in Roma, I’d recommend this eatery. It’s on a back street away from the tourist areas and serves one of my professor’s favorite wines, which we got to sample. The restaurant’s name is Taverna Angelica. Our meal was pre-chosen for us, so I don’t remember the meals names. However it hails in my top ten meals of my life. The restaurant can become pricey depending on how many courses you order; however the money spent is well worth it! The restaurant is open from 7pm every night and open all-day Sunday (starting at lunch time). Please wear stretchy clothing or don’t eat anything during the day because you’ll leave not being able to breathe! Below are the four courses we enjoyed while dining at the restaurant! Enjoy!

This was the appetizer. I can’t remember what kind of cheese it was but it was warmed and over zucchini with a sliced cherry tomato on top and drizzled with sauce.

This was a delicious pasta dish with bacon mixed in! This was considered the first course 🙂

This was the second course or main course of the night. It was a beef dish layered with a pistachio pesto spread and cheese. It was very delicious!!

This was the final course or dessert. It was a white chocolate mousse drizzled with raspberry sauce and topped with a sweet cracker.

I hope I made you hungry! These dishes were excellent and if your ever in beautiful Roma I hope you try out this wonderful restaurant!

What are your favorite restaurants in Rome? Comment below with your recommendations! 

Happy eating!



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