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A Kindle-Inspired Summer Series

Hello everyone!!

As today is the first day of summer I thought I’d announce my summer challenge campaign: Kindle-Inspired Summer Series or KISS!

This summer come along and join me as I read through Amazon’s Kindle free books for YA and Teen fiction. Books will range from urban fantasy to teen chick lit all from the free selection available for Amazon kindle (some cross over with iTunes book library, Nook’s library I’m unsure of). What I’m hoping to bring you is all the wonderful great finds and the one’s that might not be worth the time even with the ‘free’ price tag. All-in-all I’m hoping to give you a better insight into the selections available on Amazon’s Kindle to help you make easier reading decisions! 

So far I’ve downloaded a 32-book reading list to get me started! Look for the reviews starting next week! I’m hoping to post 3 books a week along with some of my other summer reads. I might throw in a few $ .99, $1.99, or $2.99-ers if a title catches my eye. I’ll be sure to keep you informed if the book will cost you anything! Also keep an eye out for links to the book itself, the author’s website, any addition info on sequels, and books that you might be interested in if you liked that particular book review!

Watch also for book reviews on some old classics as I continue to read through ‘Books You Must Read Before You Die’ lists, reviews on some unheard of finds, and reviews on “Books Shaping My Twenties”–books I find beneficial, inspiring, or informing to me as a woman in her twenties!

I hope your excited to dive in and see what Amazon’s Kindle has to offer! Enjoy your summer reading!

Have you found any great Kindle reads? What are your summer reads? Let me know in the comments below! I always love a great recommendation and I’m sure my readers will too!

Happy Readings! Enjoy your summer!



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