A Book Filled Day at New York Comic Con!

Hey my lovely readers!

So this post is long over due but here’s a recap of my New York Comic Con trip!

I’ve been to local comic cons before and I thought I new exactly what to expect heading up to NYCC. But when I stepped inside the Javit Center my expectations where blown out the window (and probably landed way back in Philadelphia)! My first thought was: crap there are people everywhere! My second thought was: this is going to be fun 😉 And it was really fun once you got past the few minor moments of claustrophobia (everyone was really nice in those moments by the way!).  The costumes were awesome, the lines not too terrible, and the floor plan a little confusing and overwhelming. Luckily I was a girl on a mission!

I have to be honest, even though I love comic books, graphic novels, and the entire sub culture of that world, I was really most excited to see the publishing houses’ booths. (I will always be a bibliophile first!) These booths were my main focus and my mission for the day. I headed to them straightaway (yes I did have memorized booth table numbers). When I got there I was hesitant. Which one should I go to first? My answer was taken from me as a book signing was just beginning and I jumped in line. What I didn’t know was that these books were FREE! What?! Free signed books?! It was like I had finally arrived at heaven (or an esteemed celebrity status). And like and any true bibliophile would do, I took any free book they’d give me! I ended up having the fantastic opportunity to take home 6 free books from Comic Con which I sincerely thank the authors and publishers for allowing! Not all of them were signed, but more than half of them were. Non-free books also ended up in my goodie bag home! I was fortunate to purchase 5 more signed copies of books as well as two graphic novels.

Check out the photo below of all my Literary Swag (free & purchased)!

2013-10-18 16.05.39

Don’t mind my cat Lolita peeking a look too!

When I was in the literary section of Comic Con, I felt so happy. I was around people who finally got it! They understood my weird obsession with books and non-living characters. It was great to hear the discussions around me and to talk with fellow #booknerds (yes I did just hashtag that). My two favorite encounters had to be meeting with two specific authors.

First, I was lucky enough to run into an author I met at the Philadelphia Comic Con in July. Cerece Rennie Murphy is such a wonderfully sweet woman and her books are worth a read (reviews coming later!). She promotes her books herself and I really respect that in an author. She is always willing to talk with you about her books as well and I enjoyed talking with her again.

2013-10-18 16.06.522013-10-18 16.07.34

My second favorite encounter was with the R. L. Stine! I was fortunate enough to be able to meet him during one of Comic Con’s scheduled autograph signings. What was really sweet was the fact that it was absolutely free to get his John Hancock! The line was really long, but well worth the wait! He was really nice and talked to each person and signed more than one book. I got a Goosebumps book and his new adult novel, Red Rain, both signed! I was sad that I forgot to bring my original Goosebumps books, but  glad that I was able to purchase one there for him to sign!
2013-10-18 15.59.592013-10-18 16.00.09

Overall, the experience was more than I could ask for! I loved being around everyone and especially my experiences in the book aisle! Hopefully, you’ll get a chance to experience it too!

As always,

Happy Reading!



Have you read any of these titles? What was your favorite part of New York Comic Con 2013? Did you score any Literary Swag as well?! Share below in the comments! I’d love to hear what you thought!

Also, I just really loved this bag I got with my book purchases!

2013-10-18 16.10.592013-10-18 16.10.54

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