Wow NaNoWriMo is coming up QUICK! Less than two days are left before the event kicks off this Friday, November 1st. I’m still debating participating. I more than likely will not officially participate, but instead use NaNoWriMo as motivation to write as much as I can.

So by this point you’re probably wondering what NaNoWriMo actually is. The acronym stands for National Novel Writing Month which quickly turned into a monthly challenege to write a novel in the one month time frame.

What I love most about this challenge is the community of support behind it all. Although you are writing your novel alone you’re not actually writing by yourself. There are coaches giving you advice, local communities meeting together to refocus and support,  and the whole international community motivating you! That’s what makes NaNoWriMo such a great challenege,  especially for writers. We definitely need all the support we can get since we live a good chunk of our lives in our minds and shut up alone staring at a computer screen or notebook.

The challenge is definitely daunting. A whole novel in 30 days?! That’s crazy and a little masochistic. But it happens! People do come out of the other side with a novel. Although that novel is a very rough draft version in most cases. The 50,000 word requirement seems scary. Hell almost the whole process seems scary! But like I said before there is a huge welcoming commuinty to help you be brave or to scare you so much into actually finishing your goal.

It think the most important thing about facing the fear of NaNoWriMo is setting realistic goals for yourself and your finished product. Your novel won’t be done at the end of the month, but it will be completed as far as the first phase or two. I know that I wouldn’t be able to hit 50,000 words in a month just based on the level of commitment I have available. So I am making a smaller goal to get 20,000 words or maybe 6 solid chapters of a novel written. If you try and set realistic goals I have 100% faith that you can beast this challenge! Just don’t under challenge yourself either! Show ’em what you got! Reach out if you need help, inspiration, or motivation. The NaNoWriMo community has your back! So do I!

For more information on NaNoWriMo visit HERE:

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Are you participating in NaNoWriMo?! What are your survival tips andtricks?! Let us know in the comments below!!

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