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Which Wednesday #2: Thrift or Used?

Good Afternoon BookNerds!

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Which Wednesday: Thrift or Used?

It’s week two for Which Wednesday! This week’s topic is about Thrift Stores vs. Used Books stores for finding some great reads. Let me know which is your favorite or better yet link up letting me know what side you stand on!

The Thrift Store

As a lover of a great sale and finding a “Diamond in the Rough” via a great price, I often find myself roaming thrift stores for some quirky knick-knacks, vintage clothing and of course a great new read! The bookshelves in each store are where I spend most of my time. I stare down every spine, browse a few back covers and pile a bunch into my arms! Who can resist the $.50 pricing? My inner shopping-diva book-obsessed monster comes out and I’m not ashamed 😉

The Used Book Store

A little more up-scale compared to the everyday thrift store, the used book store contains more than just a few bookshelves of my obsession. I get a whole store dedicated to books at a cheaper price. But more than that, I get a larger selection of vintage book and older editions. I also have a bit of a hobby of collecting vintage books, so entering a Used Book store can definitely help satisfy that activity of mine J

My Decision?

This one was tough as both offer a great outlet to feed my book-obsessed addiction. I think as of now, my favorite would have to be the thrift store. Here’s why: As much as I love entering a whole store full of books, the used book store also has its draw backs for me—one being the pricing. Each used book store is different, but most pricing is by individual book and not by an encompassing price (like $.50 for all paperbacks). Sometimes the pricing is fair, especially if it’s a vintage book or a book I’m not sure I’ll see anywhere else. Other times it’s a bit higher to me because I know I can find it at a thrift store (or maybe even Book Depository new) for cheaper. I guess it also depends on my mood for the day and if the store is in an area where I’m visiting. I enjoyed visiting the used book stores in London and the Shakespeare & Company bookstore in Paris which carried used books as well. Ultimately, the saving-money sale-loving diva in me loves getting the great find in the thrift store more! Another drawback I sometimes find at a Used Bookstore is the atmosphere. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve shopped in thrift stores a lot more and for a longer period in my life, but I feel more comfortable in the thrift store environment. I don’t have any qualms about searching through the stacks and piling up my arms. On the other hand, I find myself treading more carefully in the used bookstore. Being gentler with the books around me and not being as adventurous in shifting through the stacks. I also hold back on the amount of purchases I make, unless of course my parents are there to generously feed my addiction 😉 So in the end thrift stores are my favorite go-to for cheaper book shopping. But that doesn’t mean I don’t also frequent the local Used Bookstore near me. I try and make it over there when I can 😉

Let me know your thoughts! Are you a thrift-store book hunter or do you prowl in the used bookstores? Tell me your favorite in the comments below or take up your side of the debate in a post of your own! Don’t forget to add to the linky below!


Later BookNerds!



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