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5 Essentials for Winter: A Bibliophile’s List

*Deep breath in.* *sigh.* The crisp fresh air of winter is upon is as we enter December. I’m much more of a Fall girl myself, but I have to admit that Winter has its appeals. Something about a gentle, quiet snowfall and snuggling up with some hot coco or a cup of tea with a great book sounds like heaven to me. And don’t think that once you finally have a 9-5 job you stop wishing for snow days, because I still cross my fingers and hope for an office closure. Plus, let’s not forget about the holiday music, the colorful lights brightening the night or the yummy (I really shouldn’t) cookies! Yup, Winter holds its own against the other seasons.
What I think I love most about this season, though, is the reminder that things come to an end. It reminds me that I can shed layers I no longer need or things I want to change. I can become bare to the core and start over fresh in the new season. Winter can be a therapeutic time and not only a time to change, but a tine to heal as well. Winter can be transformative , if you let it. Nature does 😉

So in honor of this season, I thought I’d share my 5 essentials for Winter!

#5. My Journal

Journaling (when I actually stick to it) actually helps me stay sane. Thinking things out on paper or just letting my emotions out each day keeps me calmer and helps me through each day. Writing things down helps not only to let things go, but also makes things more concrete, like future goals and dream or promises to yourself. Not to mention, journals can be so pretty. I’m slightly obsessed! Overall, though, I find that journaling helps me discover more about myself and who I am. It also allows me to see how far I’ve grown and helps preserve some memories for future me to revisit 🙂

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#4. Calm Music

As much as I enjoy the holiday music that comes with this time of year, the winter season lasts longer then the month of December. And while my music tastes range all over the place from Classic Rock to Demi Lovato to Frank Sinatra to Fall Out Boy, the winter months call to the soft and sometimes haunting tunes of artists like Hozier, Death Cab, and Mads Langer. I’ve begun to cling to piano-based and acoustic songs and voices that get under my skin and reach to the soul. This type of music and these artists are my go-to during this season. Though I throw in some holiday classics, some dancing music for while cooking in the kitchen and a little Jazz (because I’m recently in love with the genre). I’ve left a quick taste of my essential music for winter below:

#3. Over-sized Sweaters

When I’m tucked away indoors, nothing’s better than lounging around in an over-sized sweater (pants optional!). This is literally my favorite fashion-piece/piece of clothing. Okay, so they’re not that fashionable, but boy are they SUPER comfortable! I usually buy them 2 or 3 sizes bigger than my normal size and burrow down in one with a hot beverage in hand. If i’m heading somewhere, I can just through on some leggings or skinny jeans with my boots. But honestly, I just really love to wear them as I can snuggle down under a blanket while reading, writing or watching TV/movies. It’s the best piece of clothing for me for relaxing and being comfortable.

#2. A Hot Cuppa Tea

Actually, this one is more of any everyday essential. But in winter, it’s even more so. Tea is like my coffee. I practically need a cup a day, especially with the temperatures getting lower. Aside from that, having a cup of tea is like going home. It’s very nostalgic for me as I grew up drinking Ovaltine with my family and then switching to tea as I got older. So a cup of tea is always a comfort to me and I’ll definitely be smiling if I have one in hand 🙂

2014-08-23 08.45.22


#1. Winter-themed Chick Lit

Let’s be real, this is a book blog. What would my 5 essentials for winter be without books on the list? What I like to grab for during the winter season is some lighthearted chick lit or romance. With all the stripping of your soul, refocusing your energies into a better you, surviving the holidays, and just plain surviving life and healing, I don’t have a whole lot of energy for deep novels, heart-wrenching stories or really even another love triangle where I have to stress about picking the “right team.” So, when I need to cop out for a few from my TBR pile, life and the energies and goals of winter, I reach for a light, love-focused and girly read to lighten my mood and escape for a bit 🙂 I’ve pictured some below, but look out for a post later this week on my go-to chick lit books for winter!


So there they are: my 5 essentials for winter: a bibliophile’s list. Thanks for stopping by and checking them out! Leave your winter essentials below in the comments! I’d love to see what everyone else craves/needs to get through this season! 

Later BookNerds!



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