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French Kissed by Chanel Cleeton Book Review

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Today I’m closing out the French Kissed Blog Tour! I’m excited and honored to be a part of this tour as I’m a huge fan of the International School series by Chanel Cleeton. French Kissed is the final installment of this series and I couldn’t have been happier to get my hands on this story! So let’s move on right to the review!

*I was provided a free ebook copy of French Kissed in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own and are not influenced by any outside factors.*

Warning: This novel is a New Adult novel and recommended for readers 17 & up due to it’s contents. 

French Kissed by Chanel Cleeton Book ReviewFrench Kissed by Chanel Cleeton
Series: International School #3
on 1 December 2014
Genres: New Adult
Pages: 256
Format: ARC eBook
Source: Given for Review
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On the surface, Fleur Marceaux has it all. If only the facade matched reality. With one year left at the International School in London, Fleur’s struggling to graduate, her love life is a mess, and she can’t stop thinking about Max, her ex-boyfriend’s best friend. But all that pales compared to the blackmailer determined to destroy her.

There’s a social hierarchy at the International School and Max Tucker is outside the velvet ropes. After watching Fleur break his friend’s heart, Max knows to stay away from trouble, despite the crush he’s had on her since freshman year. But when they’re partnered on a project, Max learns there’s more to Fleur than meets the eye, and she just might be worth the wild ride.
The more time they spend together, the further Max falls. And when a kiss awakens a passion Fleur never imagined, she’s unable to resist Max, who she had thought was all wrong for her but might be the only thing that’s right. But will he stand by her when her secrets are revealed?

Don’t miss the final book in the International School series. This New Adult romance is recommended for readers 17 and up.

The Review

As I mentioned above, French Kissed is the last book in the International School series by Chanel Cleeton. I was very excited that Fleur was given her own story and I couldn’t wait to see how it played out. But before I launch into my review I have two words for you: THE EPILOGUE!!! Oh my freaking bookish goodness! I was so very happy that Cleeton included that epilogue. If you’ve read French Kissed, you’d understand my inner happy dance at that ending. I was just smiling ear to ear!

OK now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s talk the actual story.

Leave it to Cleeton to not only provide a steamy read full of chemistry, but also a drama-filled novel that can only come out of the International School setting she created.

What I loved most about this novel was being able to see Fleur as a more developed character. She was such a strong secondary character in Maggie and Samir’s story in both I See London and London Falling. However, with this novel we actually get to delve deeper into her character as the story revolves around her and Max. It was great being able to see Fleur actively working on changing and becoming the person she wanted to be. We also saw more of her flaws and the emotional upheaval she was still dealing with from the years prior. It made her more likable and I was able to connect with her more than when she was just a secondary character.

I also loved Max. He was the perfect type of person to pair Fleur with. His personality was just what she needed and they complimented each other well by the end. Max also had his own growing to do throughout the novel and it was great to see his revelation at the end. Cleeton did a wonderful job of bringing these two characters together and illustrating their relationship.

While I did really enjoy this novel, I have to say my heart is still with Maggie and Samir. Their story will always be my favorite one of this series. I think because there was a bit more drama surrounding it and a lot more of a character change/development for both of them. That isn’t to say Fleur and Max’s story didn’t have enough, it certainly had a lot of action and drama. I think I was just bitten by the Maggie/Samir bug and I’m stuck like this 😉

Anyway, Fleur and Max’s story is definitely worth a read. Fleur very much deserved her own story and her own conclusion. Cleenton’s writing has proved once again that she can produce a witty, sexy and very real story! If I didn’t have to sleep, I’d have finished this novel in one day! Like her two stories before, I couldn’t put this down. So if you’re in the mood for a great contemporary New Adult novel with a European setting then pick up this series ASAP! I will definitely be revisiting this series in the future as the characters were very memorable and the stories juicy and enjoyable.

I DO recommend that you read the first two book of this series before reading French Kissed. While this novel could technically be read as a standalone, there is so much background and storyline that takes place in the first two books. Without having some of this, I feel like the third book might be a bit confusing and turn some readers off. So I’d definitely recommend you read these novels in sequence!

The Details:

Publisher: Chanel Cleeton
Pages: 256
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Thank you for stopping! To learn even more about French Kissed and Chanel Cleeton, I recommend you read my Release Day post about the novel. Also check my blog for reviews of the first two novels in the series!

So I want to know: Maggie and Samir or Fleur and Max? Who did you love more? Also that EPILOGUE!!! Am I right?! Ugh! Ok leave your thoughts below! I’d love to hear what you thought of this novel and series! 

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