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Christmas Song Series: It’s Beginning…Like Christmas!



Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Welcome back to my Christmas Song series! I started this holiday feature last Monday and will be posting up some book lists based off a Christmas song each week until Christmas is here! Last week’s post was on Winter Wonderland and featured YA novels.

Today’s Song: It’s Beginning to Look alot Like Christmas (sung by Celtic Women)

Today’s list of books are picture books! See below for some of my favorite holiday picture book reads:


Row One:
The Lost Gift by Kallie George & illus. by Stephanie Graegin | It’s Christmas Eve, and Bird, Rabbit, Deer, and Squirrel are eagerly waiting for Santa to fly overhead. When he does, a gift tumbles out of his sleigh, landing in the woods. And so, in spite of Squirrel’s grumbling, they set off on a long journey to deliver it.

The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore & illus. by Jan Brett | As St. Nick and eight tiny reindeer descend through a brilliant night sky onto the roof of a Victorian house in a snowy New England village, the famous Christmas poem begins.

Row Two:
The Small One by Alex Walsh & illus. by Jesse Clay | Forced to sell his beloved donkey Small One, now old and weak, a young boy from Nazareth finds the perfect buyer in a man who is seeking a donkey to carry his wife, Mary, to Bethlehem.

Presents Through the Window illus. & written by Taro Gomi | Pink suit. Moustache. Helicopter. This may not be your ordinary Santa, but it’s still a daunting Christmas Eve challenge! There are so many presents to deliver, and so little time. It’s a good thing Santa has a plan. He’ll just peek into every window and toss in a gift. Done! The trouble is, Santa is moving much too quickly to see who really lives in each house.

Row Three:
How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss | The Grinch has live in a cave above Whoville for a very long time. This holiday season, though, the Grinch has had enough of all the constant merriment from Whoville. So the Grinch develops a plan to strip the Whos of all their holiday glee once and for all.

The Polar Express written & illus. by Chris Van Allsburg | Late on Christmas Eve, after the town has gone to sleep, a boy boards a mysterious train that waits for him: the Polar Express bound for the North Pole. When he arrives there, Santa offers him any gift he desires. The boy modestly asks for one bell from the reindeer’s harness. It turns out to be a very special gift, for only believers in Santa can hear it ring.

Row Four:
Madeline’s Christmas written & illus. by Ludwig Bemelmans | It’s the night before Christmas and everyone is sick in bed. All except brave Madeline, who is up and about and feeling just fine. Taking care of eleven little girls and Miss Clavel is hard work, but Madeline finds help from a magical merchant peddling flying carpets door-to-door. Now the girls are going on a Christmas journey that will surely make them forget their sniffles and sneezes.

A Charlie Brown Christmas written & illus. by Charles M. Schulz | When Charlie Brown sets out to find a Christmas tree to use for the holiday play, he takes a step toward discovering the true meaning of Christmas. His scraggly tree–with some assistance from Linus and his blue blanket–thrives with a little love and makes the message of the season shine through!

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Do any of these Christmas picture books bring back any memories? These were all a favorite of mine as a child (and I threw in a few new favorites as well!). Hopefully this list made you smile or brought you a new Christmas picture book to check out! Let me know what some of your favorite picture books are to read during this time of year or any picture books you remember from childhood! I’d love to hear what books stayed with you 🙂

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!


Happy Reading!

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