Happy Saturday Loves!


So last weekend I had such a fun opportunity to go to a large book sale: Bryn Mawr-Wellesley Book Sale. There were three large rooms filled with books organized by topic! They even had a special “collectors” room for some rare & old books.

This was my second time coming to the book sale. I was doing my absolute best to go into the sale with a no-need to purchase mentality. I focused at first on getting some biographies my mom asked my dad and I to look for. But once that mission was over, my focus kind of crashed.

Old books lined up by spine facing out on a table for sale

I ended up grabbing books from the Classic Lit. section, the Mystery section and the Fiction section. I checked out the Children’s section as well, but they sadly had only a few YA titles, mainly just Twilight. It was a real disappointment in terms of trying to score some YA books, but this may have just been a blessing in disguise.

I thought I had finished picking up books, but then decided I needed to check out the Fiction section after seeing someone else holding some good books. I went over there and did a quick glance over and picked up nine more books! (Why yes, I do indeed have a problem.). I hadn’t looked at the Fiction section before because it was very overwhelming when we first arrived (right when they opened). There were so many people and a lot of them were pretty pushy around the tables of books and I felt really uncomfortable. However, when I went back later on and grabbed the nine books there were a lot less people and I felt a lot better at browsing the books.

All the books I ended up buying were only $2.00 each! I got four or five mystery books, a few old books, two middle grade books and then the nine fiction books. It was quite a haul for sure!

I do need to curtail my purchasing again and start working on reading what I own. Hopefully I’ll be better at restraining myself next book sale 🙂

Happy Reading!

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