Bookshelf Basics Around the World


Welcome to my new feature: Bookshelf Basics Around the World.

The way people organize and store their books fascinates me. I know, a little weird, but I think it’s another way to get to know someone and to see some insight into who he/she is. If you’d like to participate in the feature and appear in a post, please feel free to sign up here!

Step 1: Library Shelfie!
Snap a picture of your at home library! 

Step 2: Q&A!

1. How do you organize your books & why? (by genre, series, alphabetically, color, a combination, etc?) 

2. First book on your shelf/pile?

3. Last book on your shelf/pile?

4. Favorite knick-knacks decorating your personal library? (If none, what’s your favorite bookish item?) 

5. Favorite shelf/pile?

Send pictures to answer these questions or just drop a few lines!

Look out for a new post each Saturday!

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