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Review Policy
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Review Policy

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Hello! Thank you for considering PopCrunchBoom Books for a review request. Most of the books that appear on this blog are books that have come from my personal library (both physical and digital), from the public library or from requests I initiated via NetGalley, publishers or authors. Sometimes a book may appear that I have won from a giveaway or that I have borrowed from a friend. ALL books are identified with where I obtained them.

  • Reviewing books is something I LOVE to do! Book blogging has become a bit of a passion for me.
  • I do not review books professionally or for money.
  • My reviews are made up of my honest opinion (likes, dislikes and why) of each book.
  • If requesting me to review a book, I will also post my review on GoodReads & Amazon (or other book market of choice) & onto my social media accounts.
    • If the book is 2 stars or less then I won’t post a review on Amazon or GoodReads (although I usually do post a star rating on GoodReads for every book I read).
  • I include books on here that I don’t usually enjoy as well. But I do not author or book bash. I just provide my thoughts on why the book didn’t work for me. For an example of a 2 1/2 star review of mine, you can click here.
  • If sending me a review copy of a book, I will note that I received the book in exchange for a review within my review post. I will also not sell, copy or distribute the book in any way that goes against the copyright. Sometimes I may include physical ARCs or completed copies of a book received in a giveaway.
  • If I receive a book for review, my review will be posted near the publication date in order to maximize the publicity of the book’s release.
  • I don’t normally review self-published works. Usually only if I’ve purchased the work myself or have worked with the author before.
  • I will not be able to review every request or review book copy that I receive. Please be aware that if you send me a book for review (without receiving a response from me) or reach out to me, it does not guarantee a review or a response. 

I encourage you to read through the blog to see if your book would match my current or previous reading tastes as well as my audience.

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Middle Grade Fiction
YA Fiction (all genres)
Adult Romance*
YA Non-Fiction**

* Right now I’m actually considering starting another blog focused on adult romance reviews, but until then I will be reviewing them here.
** I’m highly selective of these genres as I tend to really only pick titles I know I’ll love. Plus, these works can sometimes be more time consuming.

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Finished Copies

*I have a Kindle File so .mobi files would be best; however, I have read PDFs before.

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Things to note in request:

  • When the title will be published (if not already)
  • A link to Amazon or GoodReads
  • If you have a specific date you’d like the review to be posted
  • If you’d like me to host a giveaway in conjunction with the review
  • If you’d like the author to be interviewed (etc.) in conjunction with the review
  • Any contact information for whom/where I should send a link of the review

Please also be aware of time when sending in your request. I will need anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks to read and review a book depending on my personal schedule and my current book review schedule.

Please reach out to me here with all requests!  Thank you!

Promotion Policy

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Hello again! Thank you for considering PopCrunchBoom Books for promoting your latest creative work. As of right now, I’m being very selective with which promotional posts I accept to participate in. When I accept a promotional post, I am either really interested in reading that creative work, have read something by the author or have read the book already. I will not accept doing a promotional post that I do not stand behind.

As mentioned above, I do not accept any payment for my reviews or posts. If I’m posting as part of a promotional post, such as a cover reveal, I will alert my readers in the beginning of the post. I will also mention if something is not my own wording (i.e. provided by/pre-written by the publicist).

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.20.41 PM.pngCover Reveals
Blog Tours
Author Guest Posts
Author Interviews
Release Day Posts
Author/Book Playlists

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Please included these things in your request:

  • Title, Author, Genre
  • When the title is being published (if it is not already)
  • When the post needs to be live on my blog
  • Type of promotional post
  • If you’d like to do a giveaway in conjunction with the post
  • Any contact information for getting in touch and sending post links

My promotional posts will be posted on my blog and shared via my social media accounts.

Please reach out to me here with all requests.  Thank you!

FTC Disclaimer

In accordance with FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, please note that PopCrunchBoom Books does receive books for review for free by publishers, authors or publicists. Some of these books may be ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) or finished creative works and will be in either a digital or physical format. While I do sometimes receive books free of charge in exchange for a review, I do not receive payment, discounts, gifts or favors in exchange for the review and I always give my honest opinion of the book. No outside factors (including the books beings sent for review) affects my grading, reviewing or opinion. I will also note at the beginning of every review/blog post the source of my book (i.e. if it is an ARC I received, if it is from my personal library or from the public library). My posts contain links to where you can purchase the book (usually Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound) as well as a link to the author website (if I can fine one). However, these links are not affiliate links, but my personal decision to add them to my posts for my readers to find the books. If this changes over the course of my blogging, I will notify the change here as well as in my posts.

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